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Security Council approves resolution targeting sources of financing for ISIL

Ambassadors representing two countries under attack from ISIL, Bashar Ja’afari (right) of Syria, and Mohamed Ali Alhakim of Iraq, speak to journalists following the adoption of a Security Council resolution targeting sources of financing for the group. Urging global cooperation “to impair, isolate and incapacitate” terrorist threats, the United Nations Security Council today approved measures targeting sources of funding for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and Al-Nusrah Front (ANF), condemning those buying oil from the groups, banning all trade in looted antiquities from Iraq and Syria, and calling on States to end ransom payments. Unanimously adopting a Russian-led resolution, the Council reiterated its deep concern that oilfields, as well as other infrastructure such as dams and power plants, controlled by ISIL, ANF and other Al-Qaida-associated groups, “are generating a significant portion of the groups’ income, alongside extortion, private foreign donations, kidnap ransoms and stolen money from the territory they control.” As such, the Council, acting under Chapter VII of the UN Charter – which authorizes the use of force – condemned any engagement in direct or indirect trade, in particular of oil and oil products, and modular refineries, with ISIL, ANF and Al-Qaida affiliates, and reiterated that “such engagement would constitute support for such individuals, groups, undertakings and entities and may lead to further listings” by the relevant Sanctions Committee. Today’s resolution, which bolsters the...

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West African Allied Forces Invade Sambisa Forest

The West African Allied Forces led by the Nigerian military, supported by Chad, Niger and Cameroon, on Thursday stormed the Sambisa Forest in Borno State, killing a good number of insurgents. A top military source said that the air forces bombarded the insurgents, before ground forces moved in and incapacitated the insurgents. Already the insurgents have been pushed out of Gamboru which lies on the Nigerian border with Cameroon. At the moment, the military, have crossed into the eastern fringe of Borno State, targeting other areas under Boko Haram control. The forest is widely believed to host some of the training camps and facilities of Boko Haram in the North-East. It was learnt that the military high command decided to invade the vast forest in order to make the North-West safe for the general elections. The National Information Centre (NIC), had on Thursday said it has received intelligence reports indicating a considerable movement of Boko Haram recruits from locations such as Geidam, Mairi and Dupcha (all in Borno State) to training camps within the general area. Addressing a news conference in Abuja, Coordinator of the Centre, Mr Mike Omeri, said that previous major attacks by insurgents, including the siege on Bama and Monguno military bases, were preceded by such massing up of fighters in training camps within the proposed targets. Mr Omeri, however, added that the Nigerian military forces have...

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A suspected local leader of Boko Haram has been arrested in the town of Diffa in southern Niger Republic.

According to security sources, several weapons including rocket launchers were seized from his home, Reuters reports. The man identified as Kaka Bonou was arrested yesterday, February 12. READ ALSO: Boko Haram Kidnap Eight Cameroon Girls, Kill Seven One of the Niger military sources who spoke on condition of anonymity said: “Different type of weapons of all calibre including rocket launchers, were found in his house.” The man, who is a trader is said to be known to the authorities for suspected involvement in trafficking stolen goods. Boko Haram has been spreading its attacks to neigbouring countries like Cameroon and Niger. Niger, a town on the Nigerian border has come under attack from the militants this past week, since Chad deployed hundreds of troops in the area as part of a regional effort to tackle Boko Haram. READ ALSO: Boko Haram’s New Hideout: Escapee Reveals Details Niger, Chad and Cameroun have joined forces with Nigeria to battle the terror group who have been making use of national lines to escape military pressure from Nigeria. The Niger Republic military claims to have taken down over 300 Boko Haram terrorists in a battle near its border with Nigeria. Recently, the Defence ministry of Niger Republic dropped an unfavourable comment in relation to the Nigerian soldiers, saying their soldiers would not run away from insurgents like the Nigerian...

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Boko Haram violations on minors among worst in 2014

Lagos – The ongoing brutality by the Boko Haram sect in the country has culminated in one of the worst violations of children’s rights in the world in the past year. This is according to the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) and the United Nations’ Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict as they marked the International Day against the Use of Child Soldiers. “In Nigeria throughout 2014, the armed conflict in the north-eastern of the country was one of the world’s deadliest for children,” read a joint statement from the UN Headquarters in New York. The groups noted there was a dramatic rise in violence, growing recruitment and use of children, sometimes very young. “The UNICEF is also concerned by reports of this violence against children.” Also Read: Boko Haram attacks police, suicide bombing foiled During the year under review, Boko Haram militants kidnapped more than 200 schoolgirls at a government school in Chibok, Borno State. Plans to rescue the minors from the clutch of sect members have thus far yielded nothing. Meanwhile, children are increasingly vulnerable to recruitment and use by armed groups as conflicts around the world become more brutal, intense and widespread, UNICEF and the UN Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict said. “While Governments of the world have made progress to recognize children have no place in their armies, the recruitment of child...

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Ebola: World Bank will provide seeds to farmers in West Africa to ward off hunger

12 February 2015 – The World Bank Group announced today that it has mobilized some $15 million in emergency financing to provide a record 10,500 tons of maize and rice seed to more than 200,000 farmers in the countries most-affected by the unprecedented Ebola outbreak, in time for the April planting season. “Agriculture is the lifeline of the economies of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone,” said Makhtar Diop, World Bank Vice-President for Africa. “By speeding supplies of urgently needed seeds of major food crops to communities in West Africa, we are jumpstarting recovery in rural areas and preventing the looming specter of hunger in the countries hardest hit by Ebola.” According to the World Bank, “more than one million people could go hungry unless they have reliable access to food and emergency measures are taken immediately to safeguard crop and livestock production.” A recent World Bank Group report shows that the Ebola crisis has taken a heavy toll on the economies in all three countries, and the agriculture and food sectors have been particularly hard hit. “Reports show that desperate farming families have resorted to eating stored seed originally intended for use in the next cropping cycle. Rural flight has caused harvest-ready crops to wither in the fields,” the World Bank said in its announcement. The funds in the amount of up to $15 million, in the form of grants financed by...

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