All personnel for deployment to PSOs (IPOs & FPUs) will undergo a mandatory Pre-deployment training in line with the United Nations directives. The topics for this training are drawn from the UN Core Pre-deployment Training Modules (CPTMs) and Standardized Training Modules (STMs).

In addition to this, personnel are given briefing on topics that are Mission-specific, according to the missions they are to be deployed.

Courses delivered to personnel during this program include: –

  • Introduction to the UN Peacekeeping Operations;
  • Fundamental Principles of UN Peacekeeping Operations;
  • CPTM Part 2 = How UN Peacekeeping operations functions;
  • Core Business of UN/AU Police;
  • CPTM Unit… = Effective mandate implementation;
  • The African Union System and History;
  • Nature of Conflicts in Africa;
  • Code of Conduct (conduct and Discipline);
  • Personal Security Awareness;
  • Land Navigation;
  • Vehicle handling/Use of the 4 X4 manual transmission vehicle;
  • CPTM 4 – 3 = Respect for Diversity;
  • Women Peace and Security;
  • Protection of Children;
  • Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse;
  • Stress Management;
  • Prevention of HIV/AIDS;
  • Other Health Matters (First Aid, Personal and environmental hygiene, Malaria and Ebola Awareness, Psychological briefing etc.);
  • Mine/UXOs Awareness;
  • Human Rights protection in PKOs;
  • Human Rights Standards in the Use of Force;
  • Human Rights Standards on Arrest and Detention;
  • Humanitarian Assistance;
  • Reforms, Restructure and Rebuilding of Law Enforcement Agencies;
  • Mentoring and Advising;
  • UNPOL and different Legal systems;
  • Negotiation, Mediation and use of Language Assistants;
  • Community Policing;
  • Radio Communication
  • Report Writing;
  • FIELD EXERCISES – Covering

NOTE: These materials can be downloaded from the Directorate’s website: –